Notation Design in a small, owner run business, that produces high quality, unique and modern terrazzo right here in South Africa.

We started our business in 2015 making small candle holders and vases out of concrete purely as a hobby and a means of getting our hands dirty with a fun creative outlet. Slowly our side hobby grew into a small business and in 2019 we were lucky enough to be able to turn it into our full time job. Now we produce terrazzo furniture and surfaces for the architectural industry as well as private customers.

We have developed a unique concrete mix using only the highest quality ingredients and an ultra performance cement which outperforms standard portland cement in many aspects. Our cement is also more environmentally friendly as it is more efficient to produce than standard portland cement. The aggregates we use in our terrazzo are sourced from various different mines and quarries, as well as off-cut marble from fabricators that would otherwise go to waste. We even use semi-precious stones in some of our unique colourways.

Our product is completely hand made. From weighing out precise amounts of raw materials and building every mold, to mixing and pouring the slab. Once our slabs are cured we grind the surface by hand, to expose the beautiful aggregate. Each step is accomplished with care by a small team of people who have developed the required skills throughout their employment with us. Every piece that leaves our factory is worked on by all the members of our team to produce the amazing one-of-a-kind piece you receive in your home.