How do I order?

We have a range of standard products that you can order directly from our online store. Most of our products can be customized so contact us if you are looking for something different to what you see here. All of our products are manufactured per order and our standard lead time is 6 - 8 weeks, but if you are pressed for time contact us and we will see if we can make a plan for you or if we can help you with items we have in stock.

Do you make terrazzo for counters?

We manufacture slabs that any granite fabricator can purchase and fabricate and install for you. Simply ask your fabricator to get in touch with us, or we can recommend a fabricator that would be happy to assist you.

Do you do in-situ terrazzo floors or installations?

No. We only manufacture precast slabs or tiles and don’t do any on site installations

Is terrazzo suitable for outdoors?

Yes. Our terrazzo can be used in a fully outdoors space. Just make sure that the base you are pairing it with is also outdoor suitable. We do offer all our steel bases in stainless steel on request.

How do I maintain my terrazzo?

Terrazzo is easy to maintain. You can use any surface cleaner to clean up spills and marks as they occur. If you have any tough marks or stains you can use bleach to spot clean. A good quality surface spray like Mr Min or Cobra wax should be used to keep the surface smooth and easier to clean. You can find more information for care and maintenance here